Brow Ptosis

As we age, our eyebrows descend with gravity. Upper eyelid skin bunching caused by displaced, sagging eyebrows can interfere with your vision. Dr Sheila Shifrin performs a functional brow lift procedure, also known as a forehead lift, for women and men who need to reverse the signs of aging in the upper third of the face to improve their vision.

At our practice in Chicago, the brow lift procedure is performed to reposition the eyebrows, reduce the excess upper eyelid skin and open up the obstructed visual field. Dr Shifrin performs three types of functional brow ptosis surgery:

  • Endoscopic or hidden scar forehead lift
  • Indirect brow lift through the upper eyelid crease
  • Direct forehead lift in front of the hairline or above the eyebrow

The brow lift procedure can help correct these functional changes as well as improve a tired or aged appearance. Dr Shifrin will discuss your specific aging features and what can be done to reverse the changes.

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