Orbital Surgery

The orbit is the boney socket in your skull that contains and houses the eye. The orbit also contains the associated structures that support the function of the eye nicluding muscles, nerves and blood vessels. The eye and these other structures are surrounded by fat which acts as cushion (like an airbag) to protect the eye.

A variety of problems can occur in the orbit that effect the function of the eye. These processes range from inflammatory disease like thyroid associated orbitopathy as seen in patients with Graves’ disease to tumors, infections, and injuries from trauma. When these problems occur, patients often have double vision, loss of vision, pain and swelling.

Dr. Shifrin performs orbital surgery on adults and children for treatment of these problems.

During your consultation, Dr. Shifrin will discuss your specific orbital problem and propose a treatment plan to address it. If you would like to learn more about reconstructive orbital surgery with Dr. Shifrin, click here to request a consultation today. Alternatively you can call our office at (312) 590-3572 to schedule your appointment.

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