Tearing and Dry Eye

Dry eye syndrome is a combination of signs and symptoms that lead to mild, moderate or severe ocular discomfort and pain. Patients commonly feel an irritation in their eyes as if a foreign body was present. The condition can be caused by a large variety of factors, including pollution, pollen, wind, ultraviolet light and smoke. Systemic health factors including Graves’ disease, other autoimmune disorders and normal or abnormal hormonal changes that occur with age can lead to dry eye syndrome.

Commonly, Dr. Shifrin performs placement of punctal plugs in the office for dry eye syndrome. Treatment of tearing involves correction of the underlying cause. Dr. Shifrin will check your lacrimal duct system (tear drainage system) and the integrity of your lower eyelid. For those with tear duct system issues, she devise a plan of care aimed at correcting the obstruction. In the case of lower eyelid laxity leading to tear spillage, she will discuss an alternative plan of care, commonly a lid tightening procedure.

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