Reconstructive Functional Surgery

Image of older woman pointing at her upper eyelid needing reconstructive surgery or Ptosis

Ptosis is the medical term for drooping of the upper eyelids. Functionally, this problem can partially or completely obstruct the pupil, causing a reduction in the field of vision. Patients with ptosis often have difficulty keeping their eyelids open and will often arch their eyebrows to raise the drooping eyelids. Children with ptosis may develop amblyopia (“lazy eye”) or developmental delay from limitation of their vision.

The Eyelid Ptosis procedure is performed to:

  • Fix a drooping eyelid
  • Correct visual field disturbances
  • Balance eyelid height between both eyes
  • Recreate a lost or blurred eyelid crease
Ptosis-Drawing of normal eyelid vs. falling of the upper eyelid blocking vision

The  eyelid ptosis procedure can help correct these functional changes as well as improve a tired or aged appearance. Dr. Sheila Shifrin will discuss your specific aging features and what can be done to reverse the changes. She performs  functional eyelid ptosis surgery in both adults and children to correct this problem. During your visit, she will diagnose the cause of the ptosis and discuss a personalized surgical plan for correction. 

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