Skin Cancer

Skin cancer can affect the eyelids or surounding face (peri-ocular region). Eyelid skin cancers are most often on the lower eyelid, but may be found on the eyelid margins, corner of eye, eyebrow skin or surrounding areas of the face. They commonly appear as painless elevations or bumps, often with a pearly appearance, with either loss or distortion of the eyelashes, or fine hairs of the skin. There may be ulceration (open sore) of the involved area, with bleeding, crusting and redness.

Initial treatment involves a biopsy for pathologic diagnosis. Sometimes, further procedures are needed to completely remove the cancer and then reconstruct the missing tissue. During your consultation, Dr Shifrin will examine your skin / area of concern and then devise a personalized plan of care to treat it. Additionally, she will discuss what can be done to prevent future skin cancers.

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